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    QUALIFICAÇÃO FINANCEIRA | Conceitos, Mecanismos & Exemplos

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    MARKETING ESTRATÉGICO | Análise, Planeamento & Implementação.

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    MARKETING IMOBILIÁRIO 2.0 | Angariação, Promoção e Venda | Métricas e Ferramentas

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    NUNO SANTOS | Consulting & Digital Marketing

About Me

My name is Nuno Riobom dos Santos and i specialised in Consulting & Digital Marketing.

I also have experience as Project Manager and Commercial Director.

I can guarantee a professional service with personalised coaching, dedicated in finding the best solution for each specific issue, taking into account the requirements and factors such as personal, family and professionals to best serve my clients.

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Real Estate Marketing 2.0

Resources and Tools


A Solução para as PME´s

Project Manager

KPi´s Tracking

My Services


Do you need a professional advise? Are you looking to convert leads into customers?

I can help you find new opportunities based on many years of experience in the market.

CRM SUITE Pro information can be found in this link.

Digital Marketing

Are you looking to know your clients better? Do you need a strategic marketing plan? I can help your company to communicate with your clients by listening first!

What defines a company? What identifies and catalogues it? Your prestige, is doubtless marked by your corporate image, which is fundamental to make it visible to the market and that is what your clients use to identify it.

WEBDESIGN information can be found in this link.

Social Media

I can design and implement social media strategies leading to the growth of Facebook fans up to 400%.

Generate high levels of customer satisfaction leading to new business opportunities. My excellent interpersonal skills and my experience in these areas makes me a creative, independent, reliable and capable of generating important earnings for the companies.

SOCIAL MEDIA information can be found in this link.

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Web Design




Digital Marketing


Social Media



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